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The Problem With the ‘75 Percent of Lesbians Are Fat’ Statistic. It is a.m. on a Saturday morning, and I just spent no less than six hours completely consumed by statistical farce. My head is pounding, my eyes are burning, the air-conditioning seems unconscionably loud, and all I . The lesbians couple share their love of medical marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed. “We are tired of the stigmas on weed, on lesbians, fat people, old people,” the couple said. “People need to.

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Many responses, and no outrage. I guess I was trafficking in a stereotype that isn’t entirely accurate the p. One reader writes:. You wrote :. My hunch is that without shallow, physically-oriented men to appeal to, many lesbians feel even less need to stay in shape than many straight women do. Er, not exactly. At least, that’s not what my lesbian friends have told me.

Obese women have larger thighs, hips and breasts, which are all sexually desirable in lesbian communities. Physically fit women have smaller thighs and breasts. So among lesbians, there’s actually a sexual incentive to be fat. I am a lesbian of normal weight who takes reasonably good care of herself, and I am frankly alarmed at the prevalence of obesity among lesbians.

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