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These nude movie scenes that are so sexy, they’re totally legendary. Here, we count down the 10 most unforgettable. See The Previous Winners of Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of the Year! Check out the best celebrity nude scenes from every single year on Mr. Skin’s annual list of the Top 10 Nude Scenes. Find out which A-listers and nudecomers made a major impression, and watch all the revealing clips. Top 10 Nude Scenes of ; Top 10 Nude Scenes of

Some are funny Jason Segal shaking his stuff in Forgetting Sarah Marshall , some are romantic Kate Winslet getting naked in Titanic and some are feel-the-tingle-down-to-your-toes sexy Sharon Stone “forgetting” her panties in Basic Instinct. Here’s our official ranking of the hottest on-screen moments ever. Name a nude scene more famous that Sharon Stone crossing and uncrossing her legs sans underwear in Basic Instinct.

Disturbingly, Stone was never told how, er, revealing, the scene was, but she says she supports the choice to keep it in the movie. Coming in at number two is Kate Winslet in Titanic , who uttered the iconic line, “draw me like one of your French girls,” and then stripped naked for a casual portrait session with a man played by Leonardo DiCaprio she’d literally just met.

Also, fun fact: Legend has it that the actual drawing used in Titanic was made by the film’s director, James Cameron, which

10 best nude scenes 10 best nude scenes 10 best nude scenes

Do you remember the first time you were sexually excited by an image on a screen? We do! It might’ve been a music video to a teen-pop bop, or a particularly mushy episode of Buffy. Most likely, it was a movie of the PG persuasion, which you snuck a viewing of far from the eyes of your parents when you were nowhere near the age of Looking back, those scenes were cute. Nowhere near the sex scenes you’ve seen in movies since you branched out into the R-rated category and beyond.

Sex scenes are nearly as old as movies themselves.

10 best nude scenes 10 best nude scenes 10 best nude scenes

Nudity is often dismissed as superfluous or sexualized, but these nude scenes left their mark on movie history and culture as a whole. SEE ALSO: Top 10 Most Famous Adult Film Stars Nude scenes can seem arbitrary and gratuitous, but some are markers of history that either moved cinema forward, shocked the world, or changed the culture. These are the 10 most iconic moments in movie delightdesigns.inted Reading Time: 9 mins. Top 10 Unexpected Gratuitous Nudity Scenes. By Jim sabers put on quite a show and I would have to wait for said disappointment after watching that wretchedly disturbing sex scene with Billy.

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But the one thing this global pandemic hasn’t destroyed? Streaming sites. Knowing this, how about we mix a lil bit of our horny libidos with our favorite streaming sites and check out some of the hottest movie sex scenes? Because if you’re down, I’m down, and really, it’s as easy as turning on your TV. So, for your pleasure, we’ve curated some of the best movie scenes out there that would be perfect to watch while you 1 Netflix and chill by yourself 2 Netflix and chill with your partner or 3 Netflix and chill via Zoom with a Hinge date.

But please, for the love of Lizzo, do not watch these with any family members. Consider this to be your “Hi, yes, that would be awkward” warning. Stream Now. Newness is literally a modern-day fairytale. Boy meets girl after swiping right on a dating app, they meet up, they have hot steamy sex, they decide to give their relationship a shot, they delete their apps, and call it a day.

However, much like modern romances, the two millennials do plenty of sexual exploring: They bring in a third for a fun threesome and even engage in voyeurism as they watch each other with other romantic partners. This quirky coming of age movie features a young girl who is learning to explore her body with her hands But instead of turning away to give them some privacy, she does what anyone else would do: She masturbates against a mop stick before being caught.

What happens when three single moms in their 40s go off on a vacation?

10 best nude scenes 10 best nude scenes 10 best nude scenes

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